Prospectss Changelog & Updates

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NEW TOOL 🚀 - Yellow Page Scraper

You can scrape businesses listed on the YellowPages US Site along with the emails & phone numbers of the business.
 - You can scrape max 500 businesses
 - Note - Yellow pages only lists businesses based in USA.

Checkout the entire tool >

New Tool 🚀 - TikTok Follower Scraper

You can scrape followers of any TikTok profiles or pages.
No proxies, No TikTok Account or extension required to use this tool
You can scrape a max of 5000 followers per request.

Checkout the entire tool >

New Tool 🚀 - Email Extractor Extension (Free)

Quickly Find, Scrape & Export all the available Emails & Phone numbers on any webpage.
Completely Free Extension to help you scrape contact data on any page.
You can download the extension directly from Chrome Store Page. No Signup Required.

Tutorials & How-to Articles Page

New Dedicated Page for Collection of Tutorial Articles & Videos >
Available only for logged-in users.
New Improved Fixed
3 months ago

Twitter & Facebook Tool Fixes

FB Auto Message Sender
- Fixed Messages not getting sent issue.
Twitter Follower Scraper
- Now users can scrape up to 2 million followers (Earlier limit was 100k)
FB Group Scraper
- 0.1 credit charged per member with all data without email. (Earlier it was 0.2 credit)
Twitter Email Finder Extension Tool
- We have taken down this tool as it was not giving great results.
- WP Page is live but we have removed it from All Tools, Navbar & Footer section
New Improved Fixed
3 months ago

Updates & Fixes

- Fixed - Contact Us Form server 500 error
- Updated Status Label - "FAILED" to "FAILED. PLEASE RETRY"
- UI/Textual Fixes (Instagram Profile Scraper & FB Group Scraper)
- Added - "Report A Bug" page
- Find Email UI Fixes
- Domain Search Extension - Text Fix
- Optimized Datatable & Lists Loading Issue 
- Servers Upgraded

New Pricing Plan - Ultimate

We have added a new Ultimate Pricing Plan which gives you 30k credits per month that you can use across any of the tools that you like.
The plan is priced at $249 per month.
New Improved
4 months ago

Credit System Cost - Major Update

We have reduced our credit cost by 10x to make things simpler and easy.
For Eg.  - Earlier we used to charge 10 credits per email found for Fb group scraper now it will only require 1 credit per email.
Similarly, Verify Email will require 0.1 credit. All tools will require 10x less credits
Also in free & paid plans, users will get 10x less credits.
New Improved
5 months ago

UI Fixes & New Mini Features

- UI Fixes for Guest Post Finder Tool
- New Related Tools Section for Each tool
- New Quick Tips feature for Each Tool.

LinkedIn Group List Tool Published