Prospectss Changelog & Updates

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Prospectss - New Features, Fixes & Improvements

- Users can now manage the emails they receive for successful and failed tasks from their profile (
- Users can now subscribe to email notifications for tools that are under maintenance mode
- Added validation for Verify Email tool
- New Monthly Subscription Plans are live! (visible only after the user signs up)
- STARTUP - 50K Credits
- BUSINESS - 80K Credits
- AGENCY - 140K Credits
- ENTERPRISE - 250K Credits
- CUSTOM_PLAN - 500K+ Credits
- Users on paid plans won't lose credits until they're subscribed to paid plans. Credits rollover if they are subscribed to a Paid Plan

FB Auto Message - Update

- Supports non-English FB users to send messages now
- Disabled logout when automation is in progress
- Complete Extension redesigned!
- New message-sending approach
- Users cannot log out while automation is in progress
- Users will be able to see a complete campaign report at the end of the campaign.
- Now user can get insights of messages why the message got failed
- Every time we push an update/fix. Ongoing Campaigns won't get interrupted even if the tool is under maintenance mode it will resume from where it was last paused.

FB Group Scraper Extension - Updated

- Add new UI features:
- Added view-profile feature
- Re-positioned version info on Header
- Changed toggle colors for the popup
- Minor UI updates
- All links on the page are disabled while scraping, which can be re-enabled when the user forcibly refreshes the page.
- Users would be asked to confirm if they want to leave the members page while scraping, as all the scrapped data would get lost.
- Fixed - Sublist upload Issue
- Updated - Empty string for profile URL

Twitter Follower Scraper - Updated

- Entire Extension Redesigned! 
- User can now Enable & disable the extension from the chrome address bar icon
- The extension can scrape in the background. Users can now switch tabs while scraping.
- User cannot log out while the extension is running.
- Fixed - cleaned_name error

Whatsapp Group Scraper Fixes & Improvements

- Fixed Unable to scrape issue
- Disabled memory-full function
- Optimized the extension

GMaps Scraper Fixes & Improvements

- Removed the cap of 120 places per search
- Added maintenance mode API
- Added input validation
- Fixed Minor Bugs

PH Follower Scraper Fixes & Improvements

- Added Re-authentication API
- Disabled logout when the extension is running
- Improved fetching.

PH Comment Scraper Fixes & Improvements

- Improved the extension & fixed bugs.
- Fixed missing data points issue
- Added maintenance mode
- Updated user authentication part
- Fixed - if No comments are found issue
- Added Re-authentication API
- Disabled logout when the extension is running.
- Fixed "Domain Key" Error

Facebook Group Scraper Extension - Updates & Fixes

- Entire Extension Redesigned!
- Added new datapoint - members joined_date
- User can now Enable & disable the extension from the chrome address bar icon
- Fixed Compiling issue
- Added support for other Facebook UIs
- Added a new rate-limit approach
- Added Maintenance mode feature.
- Fixed the View Data button issue after compiling the list successfully.
- Fixed bugs
- User has an option to rename the group name from the extension itself!
- Optimized datatable/list loading issue on Prospectss Site.
- Download/unlock button is disabled if 0 emails found in a list 
- Fixed credit display issue after unlocking fb group scraper list 

Facebook Auto Message Sender - Updates & Fixes

- Fixed missing Profiles issue while uploading the profiles from CSV.
- Added toggle on/off extension from the popup.
- Fixed custom message feature
- Added Maintenance Mode Feature
- Messages were getting failed due to changes made by Facebook - Fixed

Instagram Auto Follow-Unfollow - Update & Fixes

- Fixed Cors Error
- Added custom follow option!
- Users can now upload a CSV and start auto-following them
- Fixed UI for long usernames
- Added timestamp to Download Log CSV
- Added Maintenance Mode Feature

Updates & Fixes

- Updated- Edit Profile - All fields are mandatory now
- New Maintenance Mode Timer Format added
- IG Hashtag Scraper - Minor Fixes & Updates.
- Instagram Hashtag Scraper - Add limitations on the search field
- Instagram Follower Scraper - Add limitations on the search field
- Fix Credit Cost for IG Follower scraper
- Instagram Hashtag Scraper, Instagram Follower Scraper - Add Limitations on the search field.
- Enhancement on the Copy button all on all tools
- Excluded {jane.doe, john.doe & other unwanted usernames} emails from all the tools using Domain Email Search
- Specific Filter Download for CSV on Bulk Verify Email & Single Verify Tool
- New Validations added To the Find Email tool
- Tutorials Page UI fixes
- Website Technology Checker - Added - Copy All emails button
- Phone Number Verify - Typo Fix
- NEW Tool Status Page -

Facebook Group Scraper - Updates & Fixes

- Fixed Block issue
- Fetch request timer increased so that user can scrape more members compared to earlier
- Compiling Issue Fixed

Twitter & Facebook Tool Fixes

FB Auto Message Sender
- Fixed Messages not getting sent issue.
Twitter Follower Scraper
- Now users can scrape up to 2 million followers (Earlier limit was 100k)
FB Group Scraper
- 0.1 credit charged per member with all data without email. (Earlier it was 0.2 credit)
Twitter Email Finder Extension Tool
- We have taken down this tool as it was not giving great results.
- WP Page is live but we have removed it from All Tools, Navbar & Footer section

Updates & Fixes

- Fixed - Contact Us Form server 500 error
- Updated Status Label - "FAILED" to "FAILED. PLEASE RETRY"
- UI/Textual Fixes (Instagram Profile Scraper & FB Group Scraper)
- Added - "Report A Bug" page
- Find Email UI Fixes
- Domain Search Extension - Text Fix
- Optimized Datatable & Lists Loading Issue 
- Servers Upgraded

LinkedIn & ProductHunt Tool Fixes

- Linkedin Email Finder Bug Fixes
- LinkedIn Group Scraper Bug Fixes
- PH Comment Profile Scraper Bug Fixes

Minor Bug Fixes & Text & UI Fixes

- Website Technology Checker Tool Minor Fixes
- Added Auto Suggest Domain feature for Website Technology Checker Tool
- Display Related Tools on Maintenance mode
- Fixed the credits in the confirmation popup for LinkedIn Bulk Profile Scraper
- Instagram tools Download CSV & stuck in processing issue/bug fixed
- Update text - Bulk Blog Author Finder & Bulk Domain Search
- B2B Lead Search Tool Placeholder Example Text Update
- Domain Search Extension Text Fixes
- Other Textual Fixes 

Twitter Follower Scraper - Update

- Fixed formatting issue.
- Fixed duplicate profiles issue.
- Capped at 100k - User can now scrape only 100k profiles.
- Stop & Finish button will appear after scraping a minimum of 10k profiles.

Facebook Auto Message Sender - Update

- The number of messages a user can send has been increased to 150 messages (previously 72) in 24 hours with a 9.6 minute delay between messages.
- Extension can only be accessed and used from the Messenger tab (
- As the campaign/automation is in progress, please avoid opening or accessing FB Messenger in any tabs or windows.
- Do not try to send messages manually.

ProductHunt Comment Scraper Update

Unable to scrape more than 30 comments - Fixed

Whatsapp Group Scraper Fixes

Group Description was missing - Fixed

Improved Dashboard & Subscription Renewal Fixes

- New dashboard page with Quick Links Section, Search Tool Feature & More.
- Few Subscription Renewals were failing - Fixed.

Facebook Group Scraper Updated

- Loading a large number of lists was causing timeout issues. - Fixed
- Fixed Multi clicks issue & duplicate credit log issue. Now users will be asked for confirmation of credit deduction before unlocking a list.
- List Table UI Related Issues fixed
- Updated Unlock button's event listeners.
- Improved fetching user_location
- Improved performance for processing data.

CSV Download & Minor Fixes

- Guest Post Finder CSV Download Issue fixed.
- Related Tools & Quick Tips Feature was missing for a few tools, fixed.

Bulk Blog Author Email Finder Tool Fixes

 - Fixed Emails stats on the results page.

Bug Fixes & Updates

- Fixed Hyperlink issue for YC Startup List Tool
- Fixed UI & Search Feature for List Based Tools