Improved Fixed
10 months ago

Updates & Fixes

- Updated- Edit Profile - All fields are mandatory now
- New Maintenance Mode Timer Format added
- IG Hashtag Scraper - Minor Fixes & Updates.
- Instagram Hashtag Scraper - Add limitations on the search field
- Instagram Follower Scraper - Add limitations on the search field
- Fix Credit Cost for IG Follower scraper
- Instagram Hashtag Scraper, Instagram Follower Scraper - Add Limitations on the search field.
- Enhancement on the Copy button all on all tools
- Excluded {jane.doe, john.doe & other unwanted usernames} emails from all the tools using Domain Email Search
- Specific Filter Download for CSV on Bulk Verify Email & Single Verify Tool
- New Validations added To the Find Email tool
- Tutorials Page UI fixes
- Website Technology Checker - Added - Copy All emails button
- Phone Number Verify - Typo Fix
- NEW Tool Status Page -