Prospectss Changelog & Updates

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WhatsApp Auto Message Sender Tool

Send auto messages to bulk WhatsApp Users without getting banned. 

πŸš€New Tool - YouTube Channel Scraper - Get Detailed Information in Seconds!

Hey there, fellow data enthusiasts! We're excited to announce the latest update to our beloved YouTube Channel Scraper tool. We've been hard at work improving the user experience and adding new features that make it even easier to acquire detailed information about any channel on YouTube.
What's New?
The new update includes a bunch of new data points that our users have been requesting. Now, when you input a YouTube channel into our scraper, you'll get access to even more key data such as the Channel Join Date, Total Subscribers, Total Views, Country, Verified Status, Monetization, and Sponsorship Enabled status.
Why Use YouTube Channel Scraper?
Our tool makes it incredibly simple to get the information you need about any channel on YouTube. Whether you're a marketer looking to partner with top influencers, a content creator looking to analyze your competition or just someone who loves data, YouTube Channel Scraper is the perfect tool for you.
Get Started Today
Ready to start exploring YouTube channels like never before? Head over to our website and give YouTube Channel Scraper a try today. We can't wait to see what insights you uncover!

πŸš€New Tool - Twitter Auto Message Sender Tool

  • You can send 400 customized messages in 24 hours with a 3.36 minutes delay between messages.
  • There are 4 ways to start your campaign.
    - Send Messages to any profile Followers & Followings.
    - If you have a list of profiles you can directly upload it as a CSV or paste it into the input box.
Check out the detailed article on how to use the tool -

  • As the campaign/automation is in progress, please avoid opening or accessing in any tabs or windows.
  • Do not try to send messages manually.
New Improved Fixed
8 months ago

Prospectss - New Features, Fixes & Improvements

- Users can now manage the emails they receive for successful and failed tasks from their profile (
- Users can now subscribe to email notifications for tools that are under maintenance mode
- Added validation for Verify Email tool
- New Monthly Subscription Plans are live! (visible only after the user signs up)
- STARTUP - 50K Credits
- BUSINESS - 80K Credits
- AGENCY - 140K Credits
- ENTERPRISE - 250K Credits
- CUSTOM_PLAN - 500K+ Credits
- Users on paid plans won't lose credits until they're subscribed to paid plans. Credits rollover if they are subscribed to a Paid Plan
New Improved Fixed
8 months ago

FB Auto Message - Update

- Supports non-English FB users to send messages now
- Disabled logout when automation is in progress
- Complete Extension redesigned!
- New message-sending approach
- Users cannot log out while automation is in progress
- Users will be able to see a complete campaign report at the end of the campaign.
- Now user can get insights of messages why the message got failed
- Every time we push an update/fix. Ongoing Campaigns won't get interrupted even if the tool is under maintenance mode it will resume from where it was last paused.
New Improved Fixed
8 months ago

FB Group Scraper Extension - Updated

- Add new UI features:
- Added view-profile feature
- Re-positioned version info on Header
- Changed toggle colors for the popup
- Minor UI updates
- All links on the page are disabled while scraping, which can be re-enabled when the user forcibly refreshes the page.
- Users would be asked to confirm if they want to leave the members page while scraping, as all the scrapped data would get lost.
- Fixed - Sublist upload Issue
- Updated - Empty string for profile URL
New Improved Fixed
8 months ago

Twitter Follower Scraper - Updated

- Entire Extension Redesigned! 
- User can now Enable & disable the extension from the chrome address bar icon
- The extension can scrape in the background. Users can now switch tabs while scraping.
- User cannot log out while the extension is running.
- Fixed - cleaned_name error
Improved Fixed
8 months ago

Whatsapp Group Scraper Fixes & Improvements

- Fixed Unable to scrape issue
- Disabled memory-full function
- Optimized the extension
Improved Fixed
8 months ago

GMaps Scraper Fixes & Improvements

- Removed the cap of 120 places per search
- Added maintenance mode API
- Added input validation
- Fixed Minor Bugs
Improved Fixed
8 months ago

PH Follower Scraper Fixes & Improvements

- Added Re-authentication API
- Disabled logout when the extension is running
- Improved fetching.
Improved Fixed
8 months ago

PH Comment Scraper Fixes & Improvements

- Improved the extension & fixed bugs.
- Fixed missing data points issue
- Added maintenance mode
- Updated user authentication part
- Fixed - if No comments are found issue
- Added Re-authentication API
- Disabled logout when the extension is running.
- Fixed "Domain Key" Error
Improved Fixed
10 months ago

Facebook Group Scraper Extension - Updates & Fixes

- Entire Extension Redesigned!
- Added new datapoint - members joined_date
- User can now Enable & disable the extension from the chrome address bar icon
- Fixed Compiling issue
- Added support for other Facebook UIs
- Added a new rate-limit approach
- Added Maintenance mode feature.
- Fixed the View Data button issue after compiling the list successfully.
- Fixed bugs
- User has an option to rename the group name from the extension itself!
- Optimized datatable/list loading issue on Prospectss Site.
- Download/unlock button is disabled if 0 emails found in a list 
- Fixed credit display issue after unlocking fb group scraper list 
Improved Fixed
10 months ago

Facebook Auto Message Sender - Updates & Fixes

- Fixed missing Profiles issue while uploading the profiles from CSV.
- Added toggle on/off extension from the popup.
- Fixed custom message feature
- Added Maintenance Mode Feature
- Messages were getting failed due to changes made by Facebook - Fixed
Improved Fixed
10 months ago

Instagram Auto Follow-Unfollow - Update & Fixes

- Fixed Cors Error
- Added custom follow option!
- Users can now upload a CSV and start auto-following them
- Fixed UI for long usernames
- Added timestamp to Download Log CSV
- Added Maintenance Mode Feature

Website Technology Checker Extension - Update

- Extension Redesigned!
- Added 2 different sections for 
 - Technology
 - Info & emails for the site
Improved Fixed
10 months ago

Updates & Fixes

- Updated- Edit Profile - All fields are mandatory now
- New Maintenance Mode Timer Format added
- IG Hashtag Scraper - Minor Fixes & Updates.
- Instagram Hashtag Scraper - Add limitations on the search field
- Instagram Follower Scraper - Add limitations on the search field
- Fix Credit Cost for IG Follower scraper
- Instagram Hashtag Scraper, Instagram Follower Scraper - Add Limitations on the search field.
- Enhancement on the Copy button all on all tools
- Excluded {jane.doe, john.doe & other unwanted usernames} emails from all the tools using Domain Email Search
- Specific Filter Download for CSV on Bulk Verify Email & Single Verify Tool
- New Validations added To the Find Email tool
- Tutorials Page UI fixes
- Website Technology Checker - Added - Copy All emails button
- Phone Number Verify - Typo Fix
- NEW Tool Status Page -

NEW TOOL πŸš€ - Yellow Page Scraper

You can scrape businesses listed on the YellowPages US Site along with the emails & phone numbers of the business.
 - You can scrape max 500 businesses
 - Note - Yellow pages only lists businesses based in USA.

Checkout the entire tool >

New Tool πŸš€ - TikTok Follower Scraper

You can scrape followers of any TikTok profiles or pages.
No proxies, No TikTok Account or extension required to use this tool
You can scrape a max of 5000 followers per request.

Checkout the entire tool >

New Tool πŸš€ - Email Extractor Extension (Free)

Quickly Find, Scrape & Export all the available Emails & Phone numbers on any webpage.
Completely Free Extension to help you scrape contact data on any page.
You can download the extension directly from Chrome Store Page. No Signup Required.

Tutorials & How-to Articles Page

New Dedicated Page for Collection of Tutorial Articles & Videos >
Available only for logged-in users.
Improved Fixed
10 months ago

Facebook Group Scraper - Updates & Fixes

- Fixed Block issue
- Fetch request timer increased so that user can scrape more members compared to earlier
- Compiling Issue Fixed
New Improved Fixed
11 months ago

Twitter & Facebook Tool Fixes

FB Auto Message Sender
- Fixed Messages not getting sent issue.
Twitter Follower Scraper
- Now users can scrape up to 2 million followers (Earlier limit was 100k)
FB Group Scraper
- 0.1 credit charged per member with all data without email. (Earlier it was 0.2 credit)
Twitter Email Finder Extension Tool
- We have taken down this tool as it was not giving great results.
- WP Page is live but we have removed it from All Tools, Navbar & Footer section
New Improved Fixed
11 months ago

Updates & Fixes

- Fixed - Contact Us Form server 500 error
- Updated Status Label - "FAILED" to "FAILED. PLEASE RETRY"
- UI/Textual Fixes (Instagram Profile Scraper & FB Group Scraper)
- Added - "Report A Bug" page
- Find Email UI Fixes
- Domain Search Extension - Text Fix
- Optimized Datatable & Lists Loading Issue 
- Servers Upgraded

LinkedIn & ProductHunt Tool Fixes

- Linkedin Email Finder Bug Fixes
- LinkedIn Group Scraper Bug Fixes
- PH Comment Profile Scraper Bug Fixes
Improved Fixed
11 months ago

Minor Bug Fixes & Text & UI Fixes

- Website Technology Checker Tool Minor Fixes
- Added Auto Suggest Domain feature for Website Technology Checker Tool
- Display Related Tools on Maintenance mode
- Fixed the credits in the confirmation popup for LinkedIn Bulk Profile Scraper
- Instagram tools Download CSV & stuck in processing issue/bug fixed
- Update text - Bulk Blog Author Finder & Bulk Domain Search
- B2B Lead Search Tool Placeholder Example Text Update
- Domain Search Extension Text Fixes
- Other Textual Fixes 
Improved Fixed
11 months ago

Twitter Follower Scraper - Update

- Fixed formatting issue.
- Fixed duplicate profiles issue.
- Capped at 100k - User can now scrape only 100k profiles.
- Stop & Finish button will appear after scraping a minimum of 10k profiles.
Improved Fixed
11 months ago

Facebook Auto Message Sender - Update

- The number of messages a user can send has been increased to 150 messages (previously 72) in 24 hours with a 9.6 minute delay between messages.
- Extension can only be accessed and used from the Messenger tab (
- As the campaign/automation is in progress, please avoid opening or accessing FB Messenger in any tabs or windows.
- Do not try to send messages manually.

New Pricing Plan - Ultimate

We have added a new Ultimate Pricing Plan which gives you 30k credits per month that you can use across any of the tools that you like.
The plan is priced at $249 per month.
New Improved
12 months ago

Credit System Cost - Major Update

We have reduced our credit cost by 10x to make things simpler and easy.
For Eg.  - Earlier we used to charge 10 credits per email found for Fb group scraper now it will only require 1 credit per email.
Similarly, Verify Email will require 0.1 credit. All tools will require 10x less credits
Also in free & paid plans, users will get 10x less credits.
Improved Fixed
12 months ago

ProductHunt Comment Scraper Update

Unable to scrape more than 30 comments - Fixed

Whatsapp Group Scraper Fixes

Group Description was missing - Fixed

FB & IG Auto Message Sender Improved

Personalized Message issue Fixed 
Multiple CSV columns can now be called out in the message to make it more personalized for the end-user.
Improved Fixed
about 1 year ago

Improved Dashboard & Subscription Renewal Fixes

- New dashboard page with Quick Links Section, Search Tool Feature & More.
- Few Subscription Renewals were failing - Fixed.
Improved Fixed
about 1 year ago

Facebook Group Scraper Updated

- Loading a large number of lists was causing timeout issues. - Fixed
- Fixed Multi clicks issue & duplicate credit log issue. Now users will be asked for confirmation of credit deduction before unlocking a list.
- List Table UI Related Issues fixed
- Updated Unlock button's event listeners.
- Improved fetching user_location
- Improved performance for processing data.

CSV Download & Minor Fixes

- Guest Post Finder CSV Download Issue fixed.
- Related Tools & Quick Tips Feature was missing for a few tools, fixed.
New Improved
about 1 year ago

UI Fixes & New Mini Features

- UI Fixes for Guest Post Finder Tool
- New Related Tools Section for Each tool
- New Quick Tips feature for Each Tool.

LinkedIn Group List Tool Published

Bulk Blog Author Email Finder Tool Fixes

 - Fixed Emails stats on the results page.

Instagram Hashtag Scraper Improved

- Added a new option to scrape the top liked post for the given Hashtag.

Instagram Tool Fixes

All Instagram-based tools are updated to find more emails as compared to earlier.

Bug Fixes & Updates

- Fixed Hyperlink issue for YC Startup List Tool
- Fixed UI & Search Feature for List Based Tools 

Domain Auto Suggest Feature

Auto Suggest Domain / Company Name when using Find Email Tool or Search Email By Domain Tool.
This feature will be soon released for other tools.