Prospectss Changelog & Updates

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CSV Download & Minor Fixes

- Guest Post Finder CSV Download Issue fixed.
- Related Tools & Quick Tips Feature was missing for a few tools, fixed.
New Improved
15 days ago

UI Fixes & New Mini Features

- UI Fixes for Guest Post Finder Tool
- New Related Tools Section for Each tool
- New Quick Tips feature for Each Tool.

LinkedIn Group List Tool Published

Bulk Blog Author Email Finder Tool Fixes

 - Fixed Emails stats on the results page.
15 days ago

Instagram Hashtag Scraper Improved

- Added a new option to scrape the top liked post for the given Hashtag.
18 days ago

Instagram Tool Fixes

All Instagram-based tools are updated to find more emails as compared to earlier.

Bug Fixes & Updates

- Fixed Hyperlink issue for YC Startup List Tool
- Fixed UI & Search Feature for List Based Tools 

18 days ago

Domain Auto Suggest Feature

Auto Suggest Domain / Company Name when using Find Email Tool or Search Email By Domain Tool.
This feature will be soon released for other tools.