Prospectss Changelog & Updates

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New Improved
13 days ago

Credit System Cost - Major Update

We have reduced our credit cost by 10x to make things simpler and easy.
For Eg.  - Earlier we used to charge 10 credits per email found for Fb group scraper now it will only require 1 credit per email.
Similarly, Verify Email will require 0.1 credit. All tools will require 10x less credits
Also in free & paid plans, users will get 10x less credits.
Improved Fixed
13 days ago

ProductHunt Comment Scraper Update

Unable to scrape more than 30 comments - Fixed

Whatsapp Group Scraper Fixes

Group Description was missing - Fixed
25 days ago

FB & IG Auto Message Sender Improved

Personalized Message issue Fixed 
Multiple CSV columns can now be called out in the message to make it more personalized for the end-user.
Improved Fixed
25 days ago

Improved Dashboard & Subscription Renewal Fixes

- New dashboard page with Quick Links Section, Search Tool Feature & More.
- Few Subscription Renewals were failing - Fixed.
Improved Fixed
25 days ago

Facebook Group Scraper Updated

- Loading a large number of lists was causing timeout issues. - Fixed
- Fixed Multi clicks issue & duplicate credit log issue. Now users will be asked for confirmation of credit deduction before unlocking a list.
- List Table UI Related Issues fixed
- Updated Unlock button's event listeners.
- Improved fetching user_location
- Improved performance for processing data.

CSV Download & Minor Fixes

- Guest Post Finder CSV Download Issue fixed.
- Related Tools & Quick Tips Feature was missing for a few tools, fixed.

UI Fixes & New Mini Features

- UI Fixes for Guest Post Finder Tool
- New Related Tools Section for Each tool
- New Quick Tips feature for Each Tool.

LinkedIn Group List Tool Published

Bulk Blog Author Email Finder Tool Fixes

 - Fixed Emails stats on the results page.

Instagram Hashtag Scraper Improved

- Added a new option to scrape the top liked post for the given Hashtag.

Instagram Tool Fixes

All Instagram-based tools are updated to find more emails as compared to earlier.

Bug Fixes & Updates

- Fixed Hyperlink issue for YC Startup List Tool
- Fixed UI & Search Feature for List Based Tools 

Domain Auto Suggest Feature

Auto Suggest Domain / Company Name when using Find Email Tool or Search Email By Domain Tool.
This feature will be soon released for other tools.